Top 36 Best Ways to Lose Weight: 2021 Weight Loss Tips Guide

Pursuing a strict weight loss routine requires strong determination and willpower. You need to prepare your mind and body for the changes you are about to bring in your diet plan and workout routine. But, the internet is flooded with many false workout tips and half-baked reviews on weight loss products. Many people go down the wrong path and see little to no results, even after months of rigorous workouts and dieting.

36 Best Ways to Lose Weight

To help you solve this dilemma of losing weight but still be healthy, we have compiled a comprehensive fact-checked list of the 36 best ways to do it.

Set up a realistic goal

Before you start your weight loss journey, envision a goal. Everybody is different; thereby, every dream is too.

Set up realistic goals that aren’t inspired by any diet gurus you follow online. Instead of aspiring for that curvy body you see online, try to be a better version of yourself.

First, figure out your goal. Take a piece of paper and write down how many kilos or pounds you are aiming to lose. Then set up a period and how you wish to achieve it. When you set the time, remember that a drastic reduction in your body weight can be harmful. If you are planning on reducing 5 kilos, set the time for a minimum of 2 months.

Once the goal and the period are outlined, think about how you are going to achieve it. If you plan to hit the gym, the trainer will assist you with the necessary exercises you need to practice and the diet you need to follow. But if you are planning to do it at home, find a workout that your body and mind will enjoy equally. Then follow it religiously along with a proper diet. You might not get everything right at first, but you will learn a lot during trial and error, and in the process, you will learn to embrace your body.

Eat to satisfy your need

You might have come across many transformation specialists trying to sell out their fitness regime and books that claim to assist you in the weight loss journey. But the idea behind it is pretty simple, and if you know this mantra, you would be on the right track.

Burn more calories than you eat!

There it is. It is that simple. Thus, as there is a limitation for the daily exercise quotient you can undertake, it’s wise to reduce the amount of food you intake in a day. With that said, we aren’t urging you to cut out a significant portion of your daily intake and starve for most of the day.

First, find out the food items you consume. Try to include more protein-based foods and fewer carbs. Even then, ensure that you get all the sufficient nutrients. Try to fill just two-third of your appetite during each meal and leave the rest of the space for water. Then undertake your favorite exercises. You will see a significant change, not only when you go on the weighing scale but also in overall well-being and mental peace.

Try your hand at Aerobics.

Who said exercising isn’t fun? Well, they haven’t tried out aerobic exercise yet. Ever since its introduction in the 1980s, people seem just to love this exercise form as it’s fun to do, reasonably easy to carry out, and gives satisfactory results.

Aerobic exercises are great for your heart. Not only does it improve your heart functioning, but it also improves your alertness and promotes overall fitness. The rhythmic steps and exercises would quickly let you forget that you are exercising. Also, when done in a group under proper guidance, you will keep yourself fit and develop some cool moves.

As mentioned earlier, the goal is to burn more calories than your intake. Thus, you will lose all the benefits from the exercise if you directly head to your favorite fast-food giant and have a large, double-crust pizza. Be consistent, have everything in moderation, and above all, trust the process.

Try lifting weights

The best way to make exercising fun is to try and incorporate different varieties in your training regime. If you have a dumbbell lying around ideally in your home, put it to use. Lifting weights has its benefits. When done correctly, it helps you lose the fat accumulated in different body parts and enables you to get in shape faster.

The popular misconception is that weight training is for bodybuilders. This isn’t true. There are different kinds of weight training, and each has its benefits. Some aim to gain muscle weight and define their muscles, while others just want to lose the fat in their body and just tone their muscles.

Another misconception is that weight training isn’t suitable for women. Well, that is not at all true! The proper weight training routine helps women to quickly shed their body fat, reduce the constant mood swings and even reduce the risk of diabetes and other heart-related problems.

You need not struggle with the weights for a long time. Just half an hour of proper training can go a long way. Try to be consistent and try out compound lifts instead of isolation lifts. With that said, try not to go overboard with the weight lifting. Undertake weight training under proper supervision to gain the maximum benefits.

Try Keto diet

Keto diet and related recipes have been doing rounds on the internet for quite some time. But what’s keto, and how is it helpful for your body?

The idea behind the keto diet is simple and crisp. Your body is trained to use carbs as the primary fuel to carry out various day-to-day functions. When a person is on the keto diet, their daily carb intake is drastically reduced, and therefore, the body is compelled to use fat as the primary fuel. The maximum carb intake is limited to just 30 to 50 grams depending on your body weight.

Your body needs to enter the state of ketosis to start using up the fat in the body. Thus, a slight deviation from the maximum carb intake can pull your body out of ketosis, and all your efforts can go down the drain.

Start practicing a keto diet only after training your mind that you are on the weight loss track. When you have developed that state of mind, you would be motivated to effectively complete the required keto diet cycles.

Adopt ways to boost your metabolism

Boosting your metabolism rate can help you quickly go down the path of weight loss. Metabolism is the rate at which your body converts the food you eat into usable energy. People with high metabolism rates tend to be slim, and people with low metabolism rates struggle with weight problems.

To boost your metabolism, you need to be consistent with whatever exercise you are undertaking. If it’s aerobics, follow a strict regime and try to increase the efficiency of your routine. Other methods include increasing protein intake, lifting weights (weightlifting exercises are the best), drinking water more often, and avoiding sitting in a place for too long.

Try keeping a food log

Have you ever tried journaling? It’s therapeutic and satisfying. Well, keeping a food log will give you a similar experience. Take out a new book and note down whatever you eat in a day. Record it for a week, and then start to plan your meals and calculate your calories.

This guilt-driven magic helps you easily get rid of the guilty pleasures that are tipping you off your weight loss journey. If you have a habit of overeating ice cream, note down the number of tubs you have finished in a day.

Look at the logbook first thing in the morning. The mere guilt you experience when you see the numbers will motivate you to reduce the intake and quickly help you get on track.

If you don’t like the old-school method, you can try out the fitness apps that help you track the calories you eat and the calories burned during an exercise. This would make the process much easier as you know how much you must work out daily based on your food consumption.

Avoid sugar as much as possible

If you love to munch on chocolates and ice cream, this tip will be tough to implement. The process will be challenging, but the good news is you can have a maximum of 20 grams of processed sugar in a day. If you go even a gram higher, the excess sugar is stored as fat in your body, which would stall your weight loss journey.

If you can’t avoid sugar at any cost or don’t like sugarless coffee, switch to the alternatives. With that said, always go for the natural options and not the processed, artificial sweeteners. You can try coconut brown sugars, natural maple syrups, or even honey.

If you have been drinking cola/soda to hydrate yourself, replace it with water. If craving for desserts, try switching onto fresh fruit sorbet or sugar-free options. Excess sugar in your body not only throws you off the weight loss journey but also causes your body to develop insulin resistance and, in the long run, paves the way for type-2 diabetes.

Follow a consistent workout routine

Swear by a well-developed workout routine that is tailored for your body. If you have fat in your arms, include more exercises that easily burn the fat away in those areas. If you have love handles, try weight training meant for that specific area.

The trick is to find a training routine that both you and your body will enjoy and gain benefit from. But whatever the routine is, be consistent. Try not to leave more than a day’s gap between two consecutive workouts.

Try bicycling

The invention of the bicycle revolutionized the transportation sector. But it was short-lived as gas engineers came into the scene, and people started relying on engine-powered vehicles for transportation. But what many forget is that cycling not only helps you travel from one place to another, it is also a great form of exercise.

If you find it hard to get through your regular training routine, start your day by cycling a bit. Cycling helps you have good heart functioning and enables you to develop overall strength, thus allowing you to be active throughout the day and be mentally alert.

Regulate portions if you can’t avoid

It’s going to be challenging to cut out that one favorite, comfort food, from your diet. So instead of cutting it out entirely and worsening your mental peace, start by regulating the portion you intake. If you used to eat a whole medium pizza in one go, reduce it to 3/4th, then ½, ¼, and finally to occasionally.

If you are continuously following your fitness routine, there is no problem indulging in your favorite snack occasionally, but the portion should be small. This way, you are honoring your achievements and taking care of your body in a healthy way.

Further, try to bring the same discipline to your daily diet as well. Ideally, your plate should contain 1/2 veggies, 1/4 lean meat, and 1/4 starch. Stay firm on the practice of single-serving and never go back for a second serving no matter how tender the meat is or how soft that sourdough bread is.

Put on your running shoes and RUN

As said earlier, the exercise routine you follow should satisfy not only your body but your mind as well. Develop a routine in such a way that your body craves it. If aerobics or weight lifting doesn’t give you that thrill, then try running.

Depending on the exercises, the calories burned in an hour varies. Running is much more effective than working out as all your body muscles are in motion when you run. Further, it helps to suppress the production of the Ghrelin hormone. This hormone is responsible for regulating your appetite. Thus, if you can control your cravings, the less food you intake, the more weight you lose in a day.

Eat enough protein

It’s a known fact that protein helps in muscle building. So if you want to maximize the effects of resistance training, it’s essential to consume enough protein every day. With that said, you shouldn’t go overboard on your daily calorie intake by trying to consume protein-rich foods. Stay within your calorie limits, cut out the carbs and replace them with enough proteins.

Further, consuming enough protein-rich foods increases the metabolism rate, enhances your energy levels and reduces your appetite as well.

Cut out Beer and drink more water

If you have been relying on fluids other than water to hydrate your body, it’s time to ditch the habit. There is no better liquid than water to keep you hydrated long enough without pulling you off the weight loss journey.

Further, cut out beer as much as possible. If you are a beer drinker but want to lose weight, you have to choose between the two. Try regulating the portion first. If you are used to having more than one beer a day, reduce it to one first, they may be half a cup, and finally, make it your once-in-a-month cheat drink.

The common misconception of good food and bad food can often mislead you. Instead, focus on the calories. Surely you can’t replace your veggies or meat with beer. Thus, cut out on beer and have it once in a while if you crave it. That too in small portions.

Junk food is a big no

Junk food, or more precisely, heavily processed food, is your prime enemy while on a weight loss journey. These foods are loaded with carbs and unnecessary fats that increase the burden on your weight loss routine. The reason why it’s best to stay away from processed food is that your body processes junk food differently compared to veggies, fruits, and lean meat.

Our body doesn’t get enough energy from fast food. Most of the calories are stored as unused fat, and this increases your body weight. But in the case of veggies and meat, it is utilized entirely and; therefore, your body gets sufficient energy, and you and your appetite are happy.

Say goodbye to low-fat food items

This tip might sound weird, but it gets less strange when you know that low-fat foods are loaded with sugar to make them as tasty as the full-fat version. Thus, low-fat food is highly processed and loaded with substances your body doesn’t need.

Instead, go for natural veggies and lean meat low in fat and sugar, and don’t weigh heavy on your stomach.

Try to weigh yourself regularly

For people on a weight loss journey, a weighing machine would be their nightmare. For some, the number on the scale motivates them to stay on track, leading to stress eating for others. Thus, get on the weight scale only when you have the willpower to accept the results.

If you have developed that strength, then make it a point to weigh yourself regularly and write it down in your food log. Note the results regularly and compare them with the calorie intake and the calories burned in a day. This will give a realistic view of how well you are performing or if you need to amp up your performance.

Eat yogurt instead of your favorite ice cream

If you can’t just end your meal without a scoop of your favorite chocolate chip ice cream, try switching onto frozen yogurts. Frozen yogurts or flavored yogurts are sweetened using natural sweeteners and have the benefits of yogurt in them. Yogurts are known to supply probiotic bacteria that improve gut health.

To make things a bit clearer, a single scoop of ice cream usually contains nearly 300 calories and 15 grams of fat. At the same time, a good frozen yogurt contains less than 200 calories and 8 grams of fat. While there might not be much of a difference, the benefit of yogurt would be pretty evident in the long run.

Know your foods before you pop them in your mouth

This might sound easy, but it’s tough to follow. These days, most commercially available foods are processed to the point that they no longer contain any valuable nutrients. Thus, it’s better to source from organic farms and cook it yourself. This way, you will get to know what you are popping into your mouth and easily record your food log’s calorie intake.

Try to stay away from packaged foods as much as possible, no matter how natural it looks or says. If you need tomato paste, try to make it yourself at home instead of buying the packaged ones. If you are planning to purchase any packaged food, take time to read the label thoroughly. You would be surprised to see the chemicals that go into the product to give it long shelf life.

Ditch the diet gurus

This might be the easiest step in this complete guide. Instead of blindly following the advice and diet plans posted by your favorite diet guru, stick to the basic idea. Burn more calories than you eat.

We often take down those complex diet plans by the influencers and get frustrated if we couldn’t follow the program religiously. This would also lead to an unhealthy comparison between your lifestyle and the one you see online. The whole process not only stalls your weight loss motive but can disturb you mentally as well.

Develop a meal plan yourself. If possible, prep your meal beforehand and cook it as and when you need it. Not only would your life be much more organized, but your body would also get the proper nutrients at the right time.

Avoid stress

Stress and Stress eating. Both can be harmful and, thereby, should be eliminated from your life. But it isn’t easy to get rid of stress just like that. Stress may be invisible, but the effects are evident on your mind and body.

To avoid stress, find the sources that cause you stress. It might be a personal, professional, or political reason. Whatever it is, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. People under stress crave food and make unnecessary life decisions, which most people regret later.

Properly chew your food

Chew your food properly. Firstly, you would know the authentic taste of the food and enjoy it with every bite. Second, you ensure better digestion and breakdown of nutrients when you chew your food correctly. Third, you tend to eat less when you take the time to chew your food.

Try not to talk excessively while you are eating. Eat in a peaceful, calm atmosphere. When you talk while you eat or watch tv, you don’t thoroughly chew your food, resulting in improper digestion.

Eat lots and lots of fiber

Fiber has a lot of benefits, and one of them undoubtedly is aiding your weight loss journey. Fiber has the magic capability to take up enough space in your stomach and thereby send signals to your brain to indicate that you are already full. Thus, you end up consuming fewer calories while your mind is satisfied with what you just had.

Fiber, therefore, avoids over-eating and also regulates the blood sugar levels that regulate cravings. Further, fiber helps you keep your digestive tract clean, which, in turn, helps your body to make maximum use of the food you eat. Fiber also regulates LDL, also known as bad cholesterol.

Take the stairs, say no to lifts

It’s as simple as that. Instead of taking lifts to navigate between the floors, stick to the stairs. Going up and down the stairs helps you burn some calories apart from your regular exercises. If work urges you to sit in front of the computer all day, take a break and go up and down the stairs. This would not only help with the blood flow but also give your eyes and mind a break.

Similarly, when in malls, try to go for stairs if available. If not, then go for escalators. Consider elevators as your last resort and go for it only when you are exhausted. You are not only helping your body but also saving some energy.

Reduce processed snacks

You don’t have to say a big no to snacks; you just have to identify the processed ones and bid farewell to those items. Avoid potato chips, ice creams, candy bars, or anything loaded with sugar and carbs; instead, snack on homemade frozen fruit sorbets or yogurts that contribute valuable nutrients to your body.

The same applies to dessert. Not all deserts are unhealthy. You need to find something that is less processed and is excellent for your body. For example, if you like to have some peanut butter cups after your meal, try making them at home. Instead of processed peanut butter, prepare them at home and replace the chocolate with organic dark chocolate. Not only does the food become healthier, but it is also tastier as well.

Say no to salad dressings

Salads are always a yes for your diet, but the moment you put some salad dressing on them, the whole purpose is lost. A few spoons of French salad dressing are around 200 calories. Chop your vegetables and eat them as such. Use salt and pepper as salad dressings instead of the store-bought ranch or French salad dressings.

Maintain dental hygiene and brush often

When you brush your teeth, you think twice before reaching out to that nearby packet of chips. This is more of a mental trick than an actual weight loss tip. Further, use minty flavored toothpaste. The mint flavor discourages you from eating anything else.

Find space for your cheat meals

No matter how strong your willpower is, you would get tempted at the sight or smell of your favorite food. Thus, to satisfy your soul and body, find a slot for your cheat meal and decide what that meal will be.

If you like to munch on double-choc chip cookies, keep a box of them ready. When it’s time for your cheat day, crack the box open and eat how much your mind craves. Then get back on track from the next day onwards. When it’s time for another cheat meal, try to reduce the number of cookies you consume. In this way, reduce the number of cheat meals you consume step by step so that even if you finish the meal, your calorie intake and calorie burned balance won’t be disturbed.

With that said, it’s better to have a frequency of a minimum of one week between two consecutive cheat meals. If you can’t reduce the size, try increasing the frequency at least.

Rely on home-cooked food

Instead of ordering or eating out, try to cook your food on your own. This way, you get to see what goes into your food and keep better track of the calorie intake. Further, your body gets a break from all the processed foods, and your digestive system will thank you.

If you love pasta, try cooking it at home from scratch. Prepare the dough beforehand and use it as and when needed. When you start enjoying the process of cooking, you will learn to appreciate and enjoy the food you eat.

Also, you would be surprised to know that cooking meals at home can save you a great deal of money. Processed food that’s expensive or home-cooked meals that are cheap and healthy? You choose!

Start using smaller plates

If you have trained your mind to stop going for second servings, then it’s time to reduce the size of the plate you eat. This is an excellent method for portion control, and your brain automatically gets the feeling that you are done with your meal once you see the plate empty.

With that said, don’t drastically reduce your portions. Reduce it step by step and see how your body reacts. If you feel that you are starving yourself, then include food that is filling but less in calories, for example, fiber-rich food items.

Get enough sleep. EVERYDAY!

A healthy human needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Have you already heard that line? Let’s rephrase it a bit. The more you sleep, the less you crave food. Sounds good, right?

If you don’t get enough rest and sleep, your body gets tired and craves calorie-dense carb-based foods. Further, you won’t control yourself and end up eating more than you wished to eat. Thus, it’s essential to get a good night’s sleep every day. Further, your body burns calories while at rest as well. If your sleep is incomplete or not sound, it can seriously affect the metabolism rate, and thereby, your body burns comparatively fewer calories.

Avoid buffets

When you see a buffet, you start to crave a lot of things. As it’s a buffet, there would be a lot of carbs and sugar-rich food items. Thus, it’s better to avoid buffets and eat what you always eat. Try reaching out for healthier options like salads without dressing, minimally processed meat-based food items, and healthy dips and yogurts.

Remove the snacks and desserts from your sight

The first few days of your new weight loss journey can be extremely tiring, both mentally and physically. During these days, you are vulnerable and are more tempted to cheat. So, if you have stored your favorite potato chips and candy bars in your cupboards, move them out of your sight. The less you see them, the less tempted you are.

Seek the support of your family and friends. Request them not to tempt you with any kind of cheat meals or snacks you used to munch on. During the initial days, you need more mental strength than physical strength. Midway through the process, you become mentally strong and learn to say no, even if people tempt you with your favorite foods.

Probiotic supplements

The microbe in your gut plays a significant role in your weight loss journey. The microbe is generated by bacteria that break down the food and release the energy trapped in it. If you have been following years of bad eating habits, then the microbial colonies won’t be as effective as that of a healthy person.

To pursue a healthy weight loss journey, you need to have a healthy gut. You can make use of probiotic supplements to restore the strength of these microbial colonies. When your gut health is back on track, it would be a great boon for your weight loss goal. However, it’s good to consult a doctor before you pop those probiotic supplements.

Trust the process and focus on the goal

Start this weight loss process because you want to and not because you need to. There’s a whole lot of difference between wanting to do and coercion. If you have been told to lose weight just because you don’t fit specific beauty standards, then you must take a stand for yourself. The whole weight loss journey would be successful only if you believe the process and do it with your heart. Dedication is quite essential, and without it, you can quickly get off track.

Since everyone’s body is different, you may not see the results within the period you decided at first. Even then, don’t lose your confidence, trust the process and try to be consistent as possible. Some people lose weight relatively quickly, while others take quite a lot of time to lose weight.

Also, it’s nice to have at least one person on board with you. When you do it with a friend or family, you will have a healthy competitive spirit in mind, and you two can decide on the meal plans, workout types, and how you feel after each day. This way, you get the mental support you want, and you would stay right on track.

Surgical intervention

This step might sound depressing and, therefore, should be considered as a last resort. The most common surgical intervention is gastric band surgery. In this method, a band-like structure is carefully placed on top of your stomach. It creates a small ouch that fills quite quickly, thereby prompting the person to eat less. In this way, the person loses weight in a short time.

Wrapping up the 36 Best Ways to Lose Weight

Your fitness goal and weight loss journey should be catered for your body and mind alike. Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Therefore, it’s better to start by keeping a realistic goal. If you plan to begin the journey, it’s time to unfollow the influencers who promote unhealthy body goals. You should envision your ideal body, not others.

Be consistent, follow a strict meal plan, document every meal, and try to avoid processed foods as much as possible. But most importantly, burn more than what you eat.

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